WordPress.com is getting 30 Million New Blog from Microsoft Live Space

Microsoft has decided to migrate all their blog in Microsoft Live Space to WordPress.Com. Mean WordPress.Com is getting about 30 Million new bog within next 6 month. I have wrote an article about this migration, which can be found by clicking ‘Windows Live Space User will Migrate to WordPress‘.

Let’s see how WordPress and Microsoft handle this issue.

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Welcome Windows Live Space Blogger to WordPress

WordPress.com and Windows Live partnering together and providing an upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces customers


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Reactivation of Blog in WordPress.Com

Hello everybody,

This WordPress blog was created on 2008, after creating it. Due to some limitation of this account I discontinue to use it and almost forget about this site! Today I was writing an article about upcoming migration of Windows Live User and WordPress.Com. Suddenly I found that I have an blog account on WordPress.Com.

So I decided to re-activate it and post some of cool thing here.

Happy Bloging

Ahamed Bauani


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Bangladesh Bank Makes Change Foreign Currency Exchange and Transactions Policy of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Bank Makes Change Foreign Currency Exchange and Transactions Policy of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Bank has brought a number of policy changes on foreign exchange transactions to make the system easier.

From now, any government official, official of bank and financial organizations and faculty member of a recognized banking training institute can send registration fee for participating in any training, seminar or workshop abroad through approved dealers without approval of Bangladesh Bank. Also other change has made to boost up foreign investment in Bangladesh.  Read full story about Bangladesh Foreign Currency Policy Change

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I am in WordPress.Com!

Hallo Mate

You know, I always insert my uggly nose wherever I find a way! I got a ‘Leave’ from my office, Telnet Communication Limited. Yes! It is True! Actually for couple of weeks I am having Infection on both of my Leg and day to day it is growing like grass. So my Boss decided to give me a chance to take propar treatement and have a compleate bed rest. Thanks to my Boss for his simpathy to me…

My bed rest mean, I have to be in bed all day long! How I pass my ‘rest’ time ? Why not start writing few article around Internet and do some RnD with my Projects…

So, Let’s Utilize My Loooong Free Time During My Treatments Time…. Wish me luck man…


Ahamed Bauani

From My Bed Sweet Home

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